Shape, lift and hold
yourself with confidence.

We're Proud to be

Diverse Skin Tone Fabrics

Promoting your natural skin tones. Feel confident with our colour match giving you a truly nude look.

Vegan & Cruelty free

Animals are made to be loved, not tested.

Designed for all body sizes

Soft, comfortable, reliable and strong. All our products are made from the strongest & most gentle hypoallergenic adhesives, to ensure your skin is safe and everything stays in place!

Australian owned

(1,383 Reviews)


(and we love them)

  • "It is a GAME CHANGER, it's so soft on my skin I love it!" 

  • "Obsessed with the look and feel."  

  • "I’ve used the covers more than 12 times and they’re still sticky"

  • "Love this for me"

  • "This has become my go to for when going braless."